Initiation School for children to the Art of Magic

FELIX the magician created in 2003 the Children School of Magic of Palma de Mallorca. He participated in the Espai SuperGuai Program during 2006-2007 season in the M7 TV making a fun children magic workshop. He had given several Magic workshops in schools, neighborhood clubs and children parks. FELIX is a physical education teacher, which has qualified and prepared him for teaching the concepts of magic.

Magic Workshops for schools:
The main objective of the workshop is to discover and try to awake the artistic skills of the children through magic games, self-expression and basic acting considerations, reinforcing and improving the children self-esteem with activities related to their security and self-esteem.

Courses of Magic for youngsters and Adults

Curiosity is a natural instinct, and it is common in people of all ages, and this becomes a need to explore and investigate. Every one of us once had the need to discover what was behind an act of magic.
Who have not lived or think about magic moments, magi is always present, our objectives in live usually come from an illusion. The phases of our lives are full of realties and fantasies that start in our imagination.
“The possibility to make a dream come true is what makes life interesting.” (Paulo Coelho)
Students will develop the confidence, oratory, sharpness, memory, intuitive quality, manipulative skills, and motion coordination. Magic provides a strong self-esteem to those who practice it.
Individual classes:
The student will be able to work on his own interests and this will allow him to understand the content, achieving to learn in a more significant and fast way. The direct teacher-student relation will optimize the time during classes.